How to start saving money for Christmas already in summer?

Summer is halfway through and until December and the Christmas season, so there are people who are starting to think about it.

How to save money on gifts and Christmas and New Year events

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Quite often, people who are not prepared and raised money for the holiday in January experience a great hangover, not from alcohol, but from the money spent on the holiday, which was taken out on credit. And that is why after several months these debts carry on until they are finally paid off, but often the next year is here again and everything starts again.

That is why this year I recommend everyone to tighten their belts a little in the summer and put in some money each month so that everyone does not have to worry about buying presents and getting into deep debt this holiday season.

To do all of this correctly you first need to understand how much you spend each year on this holiday, both as gifts and as a party, and you can easily find out by looking at the bank statements from October to December of the previous year, going over all the spending.

Of course, if you only buy all the gifts at the last minute, then only a December statement search will suffice

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The key here is to get at least a rough estimate of how much this holiday really costs you and whether it is irrelevant or your spending has been higher or lower over the years, the key is to find an average so you can at least count on how much you should save. If you find out that your average figure is 300 Euro, then for the next 6 months you have to accumulate that 300 Euro, which is 50 Euro every month.

If you had started thinking about this at the beginning of the year you would only have to spend 25 Euros a month, which seems like a little bit, but as this year is half way through, you will need to think a little more about your spending and save more money.

The way you save this money will depend entirely on you 

The way you save this money will depend entirely on you 

Because we are different and where one likes to put off each month’s cash there and another at the beginning of the month it is easier to transfer this money to a savings account and then think, how to survive with the rest of the money.

The main thing is to try to stick to the plan from this month on, and because there is so little time left, it is better not to deviate from the plan, because you have no way back and when December comes you will have the opportunity to borrow money or most of December’s salary to use exactly this holiday celebration.

Of course, gifts and spending money are not the key, but nowadays we are used to the fact that we always get gifts from other friends and relatives and that is why we have to give these gifts ourselves. If you are starting to think about saving money early, then the next step is to think about buying early gifts from abroad to keep costs down. Ordering gifts like this will definitely take longer, but if you still have half a year, it will be enough to remove these items from even the farthest corners of the globe.