Investing: Find the Poor Banker!

From now on, it is worth considering an interesting fact when choosing a bank professional: fund managers from more modest families produce better returns. An American-Australian analysis may be helpful in realizing our savings. They vote for the children of rich families in the banking industry A study commissioned by the National Bureau of Economic

4 mistakes made by borrowers – Cash Loan

It would seem that getting a loan is not a problem. Most of us will not have any problems with it, but it’s worth knowing that even minor mistakes can cause us to get a negative decision. Here are the 4 most common mistakes made by borrowers and recipes on how to avoid them. 1.

How to reduce your loan interest?

Nowadays every second person in Latvia borrows loans, but who would not like to reduce his / her loan interest rate? Credit is an expensive service, so the interest rates on any loan are high – so high that, in the economic circumstances of our country, after a loan payment, future expenses must be carefully

Borrowing for the Holiday Trip – Credit Loan

Several surveys in recent years have shown that about every fifth person has paid a vacation trip with borrowed money from private or fast loans on at least one occasion. The fact that many people choose to make the purchase themselves by credit card in order to, among other things, get reinforced travel insurance is